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This is more than a blog to me. It is a reflection of my thoughts, my feelings, and my life. Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Nigee Kushai Page. In my own phonetics: NI-jee Kush-I Page. My mom gave my name to me during pregnancy while she watched a tiger on TV named Nigee. She happened to call me Nigee as I kicked from inside and the name stuck. My middle name Kushai is related to the Cushite (or Kushite) people of Africa and my last name is from my dad respectively.

“The Book of K.U.S.H.” has many ties to my name and who I am. This “book” as well described by my mom, has “unlimited chapters…unlimited songs…and an unlimited knowledge of music.” The commentaries I post are pages to a never-ending project. I chose to describe it as a book for a couple reasons, one of which is simply a play off of my last name “Page.” I believe one of the keys to a great book is how it begins. With this first post (page one) I send an invitation to you into my life to understand the way I see music.

My faith is a highly valued part of my life. One day I was listening to some Ab-Soul and came across “The Book of Soul” on shuffle. He referenced the book of Job and compared his suffering to that of his own life. I pondered about how The Bible and “The Book of Soul” were respectively crafted to convey the experience of the individual. In the process of deciding what I wanted to call the blog I thought “book” would be the best way to sum up my catalog of thoughts. With this project being representation of myself, it only made sense to put my name on it. Amongst my three names, Kushai seemed to stand out the most. I trimmed it to K.U.S.H. (Knowledge and Understanding of Sounds I Hear) to abbreviate what I would be discussing within the book. Kushai and the Kushites actually have more relation to music than I knew. My mom had sent me this right before I began the blog:

Who were the Kushites?

A dark-skinned people from the land of Ethiopia. The Cushites (or also spelled Kushites) were educated and encultured through music. Every aspect of their culture is captured in song.

Ironically enough I can relate to these people even though they were from a different era and way of life. This is an example of the universal aspect of music; a very powerful force I often find myself blown away by. My whole life I have been captivated by the way things work. When my ears stopped hearing and started listening I realized the true capabilities of music. I observed what it did for people: inspiring, educating, entertaining, and the infinite positive and negative influences on behavior. Music has so much power in this day and age. It seems so simple to create with the capabilities of technology and the Internet. As I kept looking into music and found more genres and sounds, I wanted to be a part of it. I never invested time in instruments or learning how to read music so I had to find a place I could prosper.

Growing up I prayed for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding of music was where I started to direct my efforts, I figured the wisdom would come with the experience. I stood by the genres I could relate to over the years mainly Hip Hop/Rap and R&B/Soul. From there I branched out to form a more eclectic view of the art. The closer I listened the more I assimilated and began to talk about music. Hip Hop helped me realize the things people could do with words like turning their voice into an instrument of their own creation. The creativity expressed by artists would not go unnoticed by me. I shared my ideas with people and they noticed something in me I had yet to see in myself. I really care for music and plan on making it a part of my life, bigger than it already is now. The first step in that process is this blog, it is my own work of art. I love to talk about music and with that came the idea to create this book of my knowledge. I promise my audience my best and to deliver something new, something from my heart that can be valued by anyone who reads “The Book of Kush.”


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  1. Roz Collins · February 19, 2013

    Hey Nij, Just a shout out to tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog. People might find it strange that a 53 year old women who still writes out most of her words when texting would like a blog critiquing mainly hip hop music. Well there’s another one of our connections. I Love “HIP HOP” Music. I must admit that most times it’s the beat of the music that gets me first. Then I listen to the lyrics and might have to raise my eyebrows LOL ! I was trying to find something really deep to say, but it comes out to this-“DO THE DAMN THING” Music Critic in your spare time. Just another piece of your brilliant awesomeness! Love, Roz

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