Maurice White: A Shining Star

RIP Maurice White


When one of the greats from eras of music prior to my time have passed, I have never really been able to mourn the way I am for Maurice White. The founder and leader of Earth, Wind and Fire, he was a force for positivity in music and the world. Growing up, I listened to the funky high-spirited grooves of his band’s music all the time. I say band for relative purposes but they transcended simple linguistics because they existed as so much more. If not from radio on a Sunday afternoon drive, you could most likely hear them on any given soundtrack. Listening to them set up a lot of the foundation for the music I enjoy today based off the sheer exposure to their discography. Earth, Wind and Fire would have up to 16 artists on stage at once and entertain the world. They taught me instrumentation before I knew what instruments were. EWF touched my soul with every last decibel they produced. I am so grateful for the template this group put forward and I know the Maurice’s legacy will live on forever. My condolences to his family and loved ones.

I still remember the day my mother and I were trying to find this song. “Brazillian Rhyme (Beijo Interlude)” is my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire song and was sampled by my one of my other favorite groups of all time, A Tribe Called Quest. Peep both songs below.




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